Who is Daft Punk?

Daft PunkAfter studying the basics of drum machines and basic French house music, Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo decided to form a group called Daft Punk. They first met in 1987, and since then have proved to the French people that dance music can be successful.

Their large break came with their "Da Funk" song in 1995, which is still played to this day. The song led to a record deal with Virgin Records, and soon followed was the release of their album, Homework, in 1997. The Homework album is regarded as one of the most successful electronic musical works of art to be released during the 1990s. The record reportedly sold more than 30,000 copies worldwide.

The group's sound is a mixture of electro dance floor funk with a combination of hip-hop style samples. In addition to Daft Punk, group member Bangalter is signed on with the Roule label. He has recorded several hits solo, including the commercial club hit, "Music Sounds Better with You," and "Trax on da Rocks."

After four years of waiting, fans finally received another album from Daft Punk in March 2001, titled Discovery. Their next album, Alive 1997, followed shortly after, and then five years later came the Human After All album. Their latest compilation is Alive 2007, released on December 4, 2007. Critics have labelled it the “best live non-DJ” record to ever be released, and it is listed as number 169 on the Billboard 200. Daft Punk continues to be a staple in the French house music history and the Euro disco generation.