The Homework Phase of Daft Punk

HomeworkThe first phase of Daft Punk's popular musical career is known as the "Homework" phase. This was between the years of 1993 and 1999. It is respectively referred to as the Homework phase because that is the name of the duo's first album that they compiled after choosing the Daft Punk name. The band members were actually a part of another band prior to forming Daft Punk, called Darlin' with one other person from their secondary schooling days. However, it was a rock n' roll group, which is not what the duo are most passionate about.

After attending a party at Euro Disney in 1993, the duo met the co-founder of the record company Soma Quality Recordings, Stuart Macmillan. Daft Punk gave Macmillan a demo tape at the party, which was their debut single, "The New Wave." The single also had a collaboration of "The New Wave" called "Alive."

During the Homework phase, Daft Punk went back to the recording studio in 1995 to make their "Da Funk" single. This became their largest hit and created their fan base that they still have today. They also used this time to search for a manager, and found one in no time at all due to their increasing popularity. They hired Pedro Winter, who was also an avid promoter of Daft Punk and other performers at his popular night clubs. Winter signed the band with Virgin Records in 2006. The deal included a license for their tracks through their own production company, "Daft Trax."

Both "Da Funk" and "Alive" were a part of the Homework album collaboration that debuted in 1997. The album is acknowledged all over the world as one of the most significant musical dance works during the 1990s. Many credit the duo for being the permanent change in French house music. The most popular single from their Homework album was "Around the World", which is a repeating verse of the song's title. While their success during the Homework era is widely known, their musical career had only begun.