The Mysterious Visual Effects of Daft Punk

If you are familiar with the popular French electronic music group, Daft Punk, then you are probably reminded of their unique visual attire. They are also well known for utilizing different forms of visual effects during live performances or during music videos. The interesting use of visual components or accessories is one of the main reasons that Daft Punk has been classified as an influential music group in the industry.

While their outward appearance has changed over the years, the duo has always managed to keep their faces covered for curiosity purposes. The group has been hiding their appearance since their first album, Homework, was released back in 1994. They would cover their faces with techno helmets, which only added to the electronic atmosphere of their live performances. The group still uses helmets, but they have been advanced over the years.

When the duo was not wearing helmets, they would prefer to be shown in animation, or have their appearances changed for press purposes. There are only a handful of photos of the group that exist; however, there are a few of the group during their earlier years. During their Discovery phase, they appeared in person but in full futuristic robot attire. The suits were designed by Alterian, Inc.

While being interviewed in Japan, the duo reportedly announced that they wore their techno helmets to help combine the qualities of machines and humans, while group member Bangalter later stated that their unique attire was their initial reaction to shyness. He stated that the look stayed with the group when they saw how well the audience reacted to the outfits.

Throughout the years, the group has been very adamant about not showing their faces. During the filming of their film "Electroma", the duo would only be shown from their back. In a televised interview in 2006, they also wore black cloths to cover up their heads. Many believe that their mysterious physical identity has helped enhance the groupís popularity. Others have compared their mysterious cover-ups to that of the popular group KISS. Either way, if the fans adore their electronic techno music and their costumes, then Daft Punk will probably continue with their unique visual components.